In another world – Chapter 3 – New friends

Here take these two silver coins for this diamond feather.
Hey shouted Roja so what there is a small scratch that does not make it worthless.
We worked hard on getting that feather shouted Bella.
What are you gonna do abou it misie said a grunt.
Hey said Niro.
What shouted a grunt.
Sorry but my business is with the girls.
Us confusing Roja.
Yea can i give you two gold coins for that diamond feather.
Yeah shouted the sisters.
Lets see you try taking it screamed a grunt.
Sure there is only four of you thiefs. Let’s start , a whack ,smack a punch, a kick and a strike. Wow for being thiefs you guys suck at combat.
Niro thought wow with gods grace I am very fast and strong now.
Cool now we are done here. I will take that feather from you.
A grunt yelled this is not over.
Here you go girls the two gold coins that I promised.
Thanks I am Roja and this is my sister Bella. I am a fighter and my sister is a prodigy. We both fight me with a sword and her with a bow. What is your name?
My name is Niro and I am a fighter to.
I can see that said Bella. You should get a weapon and enchant it to make it stronger.
I am planing on getting a weapon after I find a place to stay for a while. Do you girls know were white meadow is.
Yhea that is were we were going said Roja.
We can take you there if you want asked Bella.