In another world – Chapter 2 – In a new world

- Angelo Sujith -

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring. Huh whats that. Oh it is my phone, its God. Hi God whats up.
I forgot to say that i changed your map to this world.
Thank you that will be a great help I thought of taking a random direction said Niro .
Yeah don’t do that I like you but I don’t feel like seeing you again bye, said God.
Bye. Ah there is a town north of here time to start walking. The first thing I need to do is get new cloths. Then shelter and food will be next.
Neih Neih.
Huh oh its a carriage. Why did it stop?
The door banged open and a man ran out and came. What are you wearing?Were did you get it from? I need to buy it young man. I will give you free cloths and fifty gold coins.
Sure confusing Niro.
At the store everyone is saying goodmorning sir he is most likely the boss.
Nice doing business with you sir.
Anytime kid if you have any clothes like that come to me and i will pay you well.
Do you know any place I can stay for the night sir?
Yah you can go to white meadow you can’t miss it.
Thank you sir bye.
Bye kid.
Okay back to the phone were is white meadow. Huh whats that?