In another world – Chapter 1 The start

- Angelo Sujith -

I am so sorry, I was just throwing some lightning around but I accidentally shout one at you. What’s your name again?

My name is Niro God, but do not worry I still do not believe I died. For me this feels like a dream but if this is real that’s that.

Niro thought “this is what grandma meant by being forgiving.”

I am going to send you to a world of what you think is fantasy in your world is real in this world.

Wait, I am going to be alive still but in a different world.

Yes, do you need anything else, Niro?

Hmm ahh can I still use my iphone in this world.

Sure but you can not call or message but the rest you are able to do. I will make it that your phone will never breaks and do not need to charge it. I will also be upgrading your memory,stamina, agility ,strength and you can do all the magic in that world. I am also makings you understand animal language and understand the language there to. I will also be putting my number in your iphone. Okay then see you later Niro.